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Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Laboratory @ IIT Gandhinagar

The Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Lab is an integral part of the Biological Engineering Discipline, at IIT Gandhinagar. Working at the interface of medicine, biology, chemical synthesis, and materials science, our highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research focuses on the solving of a wide range of significant medical problems including joint disorders (inflammatory and join-degenerative diseases), GIT disorders, cancer, microbial infections, chronic-diabetic wounds, auto-immune disorders, and allograft-rejections. Our goal at IIT GN is to explore the potential of next-generation biomaterials to develop translational affordable healthcare technologies to address the urgent unmet clinical needs.

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Dr. Mukesh Dhanka

Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering, 

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar


BE 601: Applied Biological Engineering

BE 617: Drug Delivery Technologies: 

FUndamental Principles and Engineering



Lab Vision

  • Development of novel biomaterials

  • Translational research to address unmet medical needs

  • Highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research

  • Committed towards mentorship and professional development of lab members

  • Develop next generation scientists, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and  leaders

  • Committed to building an inclusive, unbiased and healthy environment  

Research Projects



-Injectable hydrogels 

-Novel materials synthesis

-Hybrid biomaterials for clinical applications


Translatable drug delivery technologies

-Long-acting IA therapy

-Infection-responsive (Orthopedic infections)

-Regenerative medicine (Growth factor/molecules)



- Imaging and anti-cancer photothermal/photodynamic

- Anti-bacterial

- Diagnostics


Local-immunomodulation therapy

- Auto-immune disorders

- Allografts (Skin and vascularized composites)

Potential Collaborators

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Prof. Sriram Seshadri

Nirma University

Work: Gut dysbiosis, Nanoparticle,  

Cancer Biology


Prof. Archana Navale

Parul University

Work: Diabetes mellitus, Anticancer Agents

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Prof. Ajeet Kaushik

Florida Polytechnic University

Work: Nanomedicines, Nano-Theragnostic

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Dr. Abhinav Jain


Work: Endoscopy, Hepatology

Funding  Sources

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Contact Us

Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Laboratory Academic Block 5/ 349, Discipline of Biological Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Palaj, Gandhinagar 382355, Gujarat


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